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BREAKING: Women Not Idiots; Able to Read, Use Internet

Today Sen. Rand Paul told an Iowa crowd that “almost nobody in here wants to ban birth control,” when he, in fact, has cosponsored legislation that would have defined life as beginning at conception… effectively banning common forms of birth control.

We hoped that in the final weeks of Summer School this class would have moved on to more advanced material instead of reviewing increasingly basic lessons every week, but we’ll state today’s plainly:

Lesson: Do not insult women’s intelligence.

From Rand Paul’s celebration of Opposite Day to Scott Brown’s attack on immigration reform that had the vote of… Scott Brown, Republicans have a problem. Class, you are adding insult to injury by supporting legislation that hurts women and families and then claiming you’re on their side. Your empty rhetoric and photo ops are insulting enough, but running against your own record is a new low.

Homework: If listening to women and families and supporting legislation to give them a fair shot is too advanced for you right now, at least have the decency to familiarize yourself with your own embarrassing record of standing in their way to avoid misrepresenting it. Flash cards will help.