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ICYMI: Jess McIntosh on UP - The gender gap in political donations

“If you think about it in context, men have been organizing politically and figuring out how to use money for power and access since the Republic was founded, so they’ve had a couple hundred year start on us. Women have been doing this for the last 30-40 years in earnest, so it takes a little bit more to let women know that they are incredibly powerful when it comes to political persuasion.” 

EMILY’s List is participating in the #LiveTheWage Challenge

Here’s an Op-Ed on why by Kate Black, Executive Director at Amreican Women, an affiliated organization of EMILY’s List, working to amplify the voices of women across the country.

When I was growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I was lucky. My parents had good-paying jobs and while they had to balance their own budget at the kitchen table they never faced trade-offs between providing us with a meal or a coat to wear in cold Ohio winters.

Even though most of us are lucky not to have our own minimum wage stories to tell today, we can - and should - all be talking about what it means to try and live on a minimum wage in our country. And more importantly, we can - and should - all be a part of finding a better solution.